Let the flame inside keep burning
Let the sparks around it fly
Watch the daylight as it’s fading
Count the stars across the sky

See the clouds as they are sailing
Feel the winds around them sigh
Watch the sea waves crashing, flailing
Hear the seagulls somber cry

Ask why you feel this yearning
Hear your heart beyond your lie
Lift your hands as your head’s turning
To The Lord above Most High

Let your mind ignite
Set your heart alight
With the truth in sight

Setting forth with might
Vanquishing the night
With divine light

Anxious is this plight
Darkness at its height
Echoed waves of fright

Let your soul be bright
Breaking free tonight
Things will be alright

Softened Stings

The stings have softened
The bite has eased
The venom has faded
Sirens of pain
Have quieted

I float unbridled
Easily standing on my feet
I rise a little higher
Than my purview
My legs no longer buckle

Peace is a godsend
Like a blown kiss in the wind
Blessings lift our burdens
The weightlessness of release
Is a gift

Breathing comes easy
With unobstructed airways
Distress dissolves
To free the flow
Of life