The Dark

Chaos broke loose
Trepid tides
crashed and swirled
with a funnel force
of ferocity

She was thrown
into its merciless mouth
by the pit of its
insatiated hunger

She was afraid of the dark
the darkness in her soul
She always needed someone
To frighten the fear away

She Who Surrenders

She surrenders
not to be lowered
but to raise her station
to heights envied by eyes.

She gives in
only to gain force
to stir hearts,
soft enough to touch.

She submits
not to be enslaved
but to be liberated
from her self inflicting shackles.

She aligns her Self,
not to be restricted
but to stretch
the boundaries of possibility.

She widens her scope,
as she watches and learns to move
in sync with the dance
of universal harmony.

In doing so
she unlocks power and potential
and the greatest
reassurances of all.

She lived searching for something she wasn’t even sure of
She knew that when she found it she would recognize it
She knew that a piece of her lay lodged in something
She longed for it back
Missed it dearly. She didn’t know what it was
Except that when she found it
Shed find peace
And the searching, sometimes frantic searching
Would come to an end


Just because everyone’s an artist doesn’t make art overrated. In my opinion, art is the means by which we speak from a deeper plain, where ordinary language does not suffice. It’s where our sporadic imagination finds its release. Its what cultures and civilizations are made of, its how they manifested themselves. Art is as essential to us as reason is towards distinguishing ourselves from other species. Every person’s artistic expression is their soul print- A marker of their unique humanness.