Note to self:
Do not give up. Know that these difficulties are merely a test of your true potential and a revelation of your capacities. When you are feeling dejected and low seek Allah harder. Believe in your heart that He is merciful that He will not let you down. That He is putting you up to this challenge so that you may gain closeness to Him and access to scores of His infinite mercy. The act of overcoming pain is an instance when weakness leaves your body. You participate in sculpting your soul, fashioning it to take on the shape of the celestial bodies we only hope to one day become. Do not feel discouraged. Do not feel abandoned and alone. The one closest and nearest to you is Allah. Feel comfort and peace in seeking His presence. Be empowered by His power. Strive with the desire to know that you persevered only for Allah’s pleasure and grace. Your soul will surely rejoice because of it. Carry onward, more determined, more content and ever more hopeful!

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