To the people of Palestine and Humanity in pain.


I can hear them. I can see them. I can see their lives consumed by the insatiable hunger of contempt. I feel the brokenness, the millions of shards that can never be put back together again. You cannot smother pain. You cannot staunch its streaming flow. You cannot call it anything you like than what it truly is- atrocious. Try to deny it, but your hands will come out stained. Remember that broken hearts reverberate in the hearts of humanity- in the hearts of those who recognize compassion in anything that so much breathes. Know that tears shed are never shed alone. A common thread binds us. Silence cannot sustain us and will not survive undisturbed. Hearts that cry, cry out in words of love. Hearts that plead only plead prayers of mercy and forgiveness. Those who are wounded bear the wounds of all of us. I speak to break free from assumed complicity. I write to recognize our common devastation. Though I may not know the bitter ugliness and vile, horrific fears, the least I can do is say: I know. I feel. I pray. You are not forgotten.

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