There is no defeat, so long as you are alive. Every waking moment is a time to rejoice, knowing that every breath blesses your body with Life still tethered to it. Rejoice, because you are an agent capable of skimming the heights of sky. Every struggle endured is not done alone. Know that the overwhelming  loneliness is really an instance enclosed in the merciful embrace of God’s compassion and  His All-knowing, and All- encompassing omnipresence. Know that such intimacy is healing, as it brings you close enough to dip into the source of God’s infinite oasis of Power and Possibility. To quench yourself with this Healing grants you greater strength than what you could manifest  on your own. Every spellbinding product of your efforts were guided by His Hands and Wisdom. It is in moments like these, in those times of patient bearing and committed effort that we are enabled by God’s great Mercy. In these  moments, ease is granted to us by having us  bear the lesser part of the weight on our shoulders. Every moment used to defy our own personal limits  is a moment that brings a sense of hope and a sense of home. Bearing witness to God’s glory is the kind of witnessing that softens the stings of living. Rejoice, in His unconditional acceptance of you if you call upon Him. He always responds, drawing near. Closer, it is said, than your jugular life vein.

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