Broken Remains

What is left to salvage
with broken remains of memory,
marred by insanity?
Why carry such madness
to fester
in already broken hearts?

This aching Is the only thing left
reminding me
that I still wander-
a lost soul among the dead.
At least they
have reached home.

This wound remaining before us
is too devastating
this crater is too deep, too wide.
How can the world not feel
its emanating pain?
How can they not be in fever?

Their sluggish response
has weary undertones.
They must be sedated
on something worse,
clutched between the unrelenting fists
of something too potent.


You are a frenzy of fear..
Anguish twisted into knots
in your throat
in your stomach
in your limbs.

You dance
a dizzying limbo.
Your eyes evade
every hint of shadow.
Your feet stumble
unable to keep up.

Your ego has been seduced
by Satan’s sweet talk
because you are too soft
to take back the reigns
to your soul


Stop yourself
Don’t let shadow
Fester in your heart.
Ask yourself
When you last
Dawned on your humanity.
Keep your spine
Stretched out,
Uncoiled from cowardice.
Let courage
Shield your ego
From trivial blows.
Learn Dignity
From those who refuse
To sell it at the price of contempt.
Learn courage from those
Who remain rooted
In upholding
The last shrubs of truth.
Aspire always
To be nothing
Short of


I swaddle my heart
In a cloak of resistance
The cold
Impresses its chill on upon me
I repel in persistence

My body unmoving
Frozen in icey touch
My lips
They tremble, sealed shut
I cannot feel much

Warmth pulsates inside me
Courses through my veins
Theres life
In my hidden world
Free of dire pains

There is feeling, emotion
A flame of fierce desire
To love
And persevere
With such determined fire