Willow Tree

Beautiful, serene, the Willow tree stood. Its skirt of leafy branches flowed to the gentle touch of breeze. I sat beneath its protective enclosure, like a child seeking refuge in the folds of its mother’s dress. Here, I was shaded from the sun and onlookers eyes. The sound of its soft shimmer, echoed whispers from the wind.


Be beautiful always
even when your heart feels heavy.
Let sunrays of gratitude
pierce through your rain
and witness a rainbow
arch a smile in you.

Come alive with colour
painting life in vibrant hues.
Let your cascade of passions
spill from your soul
as their sounds serenade you
in a rhythmic peace.

Hold nothing back
of your beauty, blessed to you.
Let yourself radiate its fullness
through each humble stride
being the ease that pours over
downcast hearts.

Gather something
like greatness in your gait.
Let yourself channel faith
into becoming
as you participate fully
in your realization.

Believe in something better
than mere blues and greens.
Let yourself seek the full spectrum
that you’ve yet to behold
diffused throughout
the ordinary.


Invaded, degraded
An utter mess
Sedated and faded
I can’t care less

Outspoken, awoken
Where I reside
Broken and choking
Nowhere to hide

Pleading, fleeting
In need of change
Seeking and feeling
So estranged

Staying, praying
For the light
Laying and weighing
Wrong from right


Harness your power
Channel the flow of your passions
Execute your practice with precision

Authenticate yourself in the face of the universe
Let your power ripple through everything you touch
As sure as the truth you live to advocate

Ease the tremors erupting inside of you
This force that cannot be suppressed
Let it course through your every extremity

Guide it towards its purpose
Embrace your intrinsic function
In manifesting miracles

Oppression, Agression

They keep us impoverished. They keep us starving. They limit us to aspire for nothing more than tomorrow’s bread. They squash our potential. They strip us of our humanity- our want for purpose, for knowing and transcending. They try to dislodge whatever dignity we have from our possession. They morph us into the monsters they want us to become; hungry and ravaging, fatigued and traumatized, instinctual and reactionary. They purposely provoke us in order to justify their unrestrained aggression. They deprive us of our humanness in order to treat us otherwise. They claim that our intrinsic unlikeness does not qualify us for these token protections and human rights. They seek only to reign over us subjugating us to the brink of our own annihilation.