Willow Tree

Beautiful, serene, the Willow tree stood. Its skirt of leafy branches flowed to the gentle touch of breeze. I sat beneath its protective enclosure, like a child seeking refuge in the folds of its mother’s dress. Here, I was shaded from the sun and onlookers eyes. The sound of its soft shimmer, echoed whispers from the wind.

Oppression, Agression

They keep us impoverished. They keep us starving. They limit us to aspire for nothing more than tomorrow’s bread. They squash our potential. They strip us of our humanity- our want for purpose, for knowing and transcending. They try to dislodge whatever dignity we have from our possession. They morph us into the monsters they want us to become; hungry and ravaging, fatigued and traumatized, instinctual and reactionary. They purposely provoke us in order to justify their unrestrained aggression. They deprive us of our humanness in order to treat us otherwise. They claim that our intrinsic unlikeness does not qualify us for these token protections and human rights. They seek only to reign over us subjugating us to the brink of our own annihilation.

Source of Fear

Feel the fear. Feel the nauseating anxiety. Taste its metal at the roof of your mouth. Let yourself be swallowed by the crumpling avalanche in your stomach. Let it take you and toss you in its toying grip. Surrender. And then, after having survived such a tumultuous thrashing, take hold of that source of fear. With this and your newfound strength and resilience, continue onwards.

The water

The water rose and tumbled, slightly and softly. It was abundance, reflecting the vastness of sky above it. The water cradled boats between its crests. In its protective embrace they leisurely skimmed across the water’s surface, smooth in their course, and sure in their destination.