Oppression, Agression

They keep us impoverished. They keep us starving. They limit us to aspire for nothing more than tomorrow’s bread. They squash our potential. They strip us of our humanity- our want for purpose, for knowing and transcending. They try to dislodge whatever dignity we have from our possession. They morph us into the monsters they want us to become; hungry and ravaging, fatigued and traumatized, instinctual and reactionary. They purposely provoke us in order to justify their unrestrained aggression. They deprive us of our humanness in order to treat us otherwise. They claim that our intrinsic unlikeness does not qualify us for these token protections and human rights. They seek only to reign over us subjugating us to the brink of our own annihilation.


Just because everyone’s an artist doesn’t make art overrated. In my opinion, art is the means by which we speak from a deeper plain, where ordinary language does not suffice. It’s where our sporadic imagination finds its release. Its what cultures and civilizations are made of, its how they manifested themselves. Art is as essential to us as reason is towards distinguishing ourselves from other species. Every person’s artistic expression is their soul print- A marker of their unique humanness.

The Artist

Artists embody courage. They challenge common conventions with their daring defiance. Artists convey the truth as it is, in whatever shape or form- and they are unapologetic about it. 

There is no defeat, so long as you are alive. Every waking moment is a time to rejoice, knowing that every breath blesses your body with Life still tethered to it. Rejoice, because you are an agent capable of skimming the heights of sky. Every struggle endured is not done alone. Know that the overwhelming  loneliness is really an instance enclosed in the merciful embrace of God’s compassion and  His All-knowing, and All- encompassing omnipresence. Know that such intimacy is healing, as it brings you close enough to dip into the source of God’s infinite oasis of Power and Possibility. To quench yourself with this Healing grants you greater strength than what you could manifest  on your own. Every spellbinding product of your efforts were guided by His Hands and Wisdom. It is in moments like these, in those times of patient bearing and committed effort that we are enabled by God’s great Mercy. In these  moments, ease is granted to us by having us  bear the lesser part of the weight on our shoulders. Every moment used to defy our own personal limits  is a moment that brings a sense of hope and a sense of home. Bearing witness to God’s glory is the kind of witnessing that softens the stings of living. Rejoice, in His unconditional acceptance of you if you call upon Him. He always responds, drawing near. Closer, it is said, than your jugular life vein.

To the people of Palestine and Humanity in pain.


I can hear them. I can see them. I can see their lives consumed by the insatiable hunger of contempt. I feel the brokenness, the millions of shards that can never be put back together again. You cannot smother pain. You cannot staunch its streaming flow. You cannot call it anything you like than what it truly is- atrocious. Try to deny it, but your hands will come out stained. Remember that broken hearts reverberate in the hearts of humanity- in the hearts of those who recognize compassion in anything that so much breathes. Know that tears shed are never shed alone. A common thread binds us. Silence cannot sustain us and will not survive undisturbed. Hearts that cry, cry out in words of love. Hearts that plead only plead prayers of mercy and forgiveness. Those who are wounded bear the wounds of all of us. I speak to break free from assumed complicity. I write to recognize our common devastation. Though I may not know the bitter ugliness and vile, horrific fears, the least I can do is say: I know. I feel. I pray. You are not forgotten.