I choose calm
Like still waters
Almost a sheen of glass
Reflecting the vastness above

I choose calm
Like the kindest breeze
Carrying clouds
Along kindred blue skies

I choose calm
Like the tempered sun
In the innocence of mornings
And embracing sunsets

I choose calm
Like a lovers voice
Cooing a thousand comforts
Shielding you from fear

I choose calm
Like the ease of the storm
The shade from burning sun
The water to a fire

I choose calm


She had passion fueled by pain
igniting her words with a sting
always mistaken for venom.

For too long she was expected
to be silent mimicry
like a shadow to be tread on.

Words would always strike
at the marvel that she was,
an embodiment of golden light.

It emanated from someplace
deep beneath her skin
a legacy preserved in her spirit.

When her peace was disturbed
currents of rage churned
often seeping over her eyes.

Her world would capsize
in a weary blur as she drowned
in too much sadness

She demanded to be corporeal
refused to be stricken
insisting that she swim.

But, the fire of her plea
and the glare of her glow
were felt and remembered.

Her incinerating stand
ignited fear in their hearts
as they ached to diminish her.

In the midst of their roaring anger
they mistaken her for the monster
that is their reflection.


Too shaken we collapse
imploding in on our softness
we, the sensitive, were warned
to be cautious.

Moments melt into each other
in long stretches of agony.
The present is always painful
it either hurts or hurts to lose.

Borders barely exist
surroundings seep right into us
soiling and staining
This Self we try to preserve.

If only it was easy
for microcosms to overlap
to outdo this tragic loneliness
of our destiny.

Willow Tree

Beautiful, serene, the Willow tree stood. Its skirt of leafy branches flowed to the gentle touch of breeze. I sat beneath its protective enclosure, like a child seeking refuge in the folds of its mother’s dress. Here, I was shaded from the sun and onlookers eyes. The sound of its soft shimmer, echoed whispers from the wind.


Be beautiful always
even when your heart feels heavy.
Let sunrays of gratitude
pierce through your rain
and witness a rainbow
arch a smile in you.

Come alive with colour
painting life in vibrant hues.
Let your cascade of passions
spill from your soul
as their sounds serenade you
in a rhythmic peace.

Hold nothing back
of your beauty, blessed to you.
Let yourself radiate its fullness
through each humble stride
being the ease that pours over
downcast hearts.

Gather something
like greatness in your gait.
Let yourself channel faith
into becoming
as you participate fully
in your realization.

Believe in something better
than mere blues and greens.
Let yourself seek the full spectrum
that you’ve yet to behold
diffused throughout
the ordinary.