Let your mind ignite
Set your heart alight
With the truth in sight

Setting forth with might
Vanquishing the night
With divine light

Anxious is this plight
Darkness at its height
Echoed waves of fright

Let your soul be bright
Breaking free tonight
Things will be alright


Don’t blame yourself
for their pull on your heart
for every time you melt
at the glimpse
of vulnerability

There is no shame in your inability
to contain this mercy in your womb
For giving birth
to the beginnings of love

You feel too much
You know too much of their pain
and the aches that living brings

This gift of compassion
is not a defect
You will not snuffle it out
with every undo apology

Your light will keep burning
through misted moments
for comfort and guidance
They too hold something you long for
a refuge from solitude


I swaddle my heart
In a cloak of resistance
The cold
Impresses its chill on upon me
I repel in persistence

My body unmoving
Frozen in icey touch
My lips
They tremble, sealed shut
I cannot feel much

Warmth pulsates inside me
Courses through my veins
Theres life
In my hidden world
Free of dire pains

There is feeling, emotion
A flame of fierce desire
To love
And persevere
With such determined fire