Don’t blame yourself
for their pull on your heart
for every time you melt
at the glimpse
of vulnerability

There is no shame in your inability
to contain this mercy in your womb
For giving birth
to the beginnings of love

You feel too much
You know too much of their pain
and the aches that living brings

This gift of compassion
is not a defect
You will not snuffle it out
with every undo apology

Your light will keep burning
through misted moments
for comfort and guidance
They too hold something you long for
a refuge from solitude


Where you came from

and what you feel like
Do not forget the texture
Of your unique

Remember the soil
from which you emerged
And feel it contained
in your being.

Remember the scent of ocean breeze
tangled in between
your kinks of hair
and your cinnamon sprinkled skin.

You still have
that tantalizing sweetness
that surrounds you
as your aura

Remember not to forget
to give thanks to the Love
that moulded you
and the Light that emblazoned you

Where you came from