Softened Stings

The stings have softened
The bite has eased
The venom has faded
Sirens of pain
Have quieted

I float unbridled
Easily standing on my feet
I rise a little higher
Than my purview
My legs no longer buckle

Peace is a godsend
Like a blown kiss in the wind
Blessings lift our burdens
The weightlessness of release
Is a gift

Breathing comes easy
With unobstructed airways
Distress dissolves
To free the flow
Of life


She had passion fueled by pain
igniting her words with a sting
always mistaken for venom.

For too long she was expected
to be silent mimicry
like a shadow to be tread on.

Words would always strike
at the marvel that she was,
an embodiment of golden light.

It emanated from someplace
deep beneath her skin
a legacy preserved in her spirit.

When her peace was disturbed
currents of rage churned
often seeping over her eyes.

Her world would capsize
in a weary blur as she drowned
in too much sadness

She demanded to be corporeal
refused to be stricken
insisting that she swim.

But, the fire of her plea
and the glare of her glow
were felt and remembered.

Her incinerating stand
ignited fear in their hearts
as they ached to diminish her.

In the midst of their roaring anger
they mistaken her for the monster
that is their reflection.

She lived searching for something she wasn’t even sure of
She knew that when she found it she would recognize it
She knew that a piece of her lay lodged in something
She longed for it back
Missed it dearly. She didn’t know what it was
Except that when she found it
Shed find peace
And the searching, sometimes frantic searching
Would come to an end